FabuLyss FitLife- Food vs. Nutrition

I have a very long relationship with food. Food and I go way back and when I look back at my relationship with food I look back at it like a first love.  It was just ugly and painful in the end when it all seemed to start so great  I have a new life affair with nutrition.  I taught myself food but now, I’m having to re-learn nutrition.

There is a difference. One person looks at a grilled chicken breast. It’s moist and juicy and perfectly seasoned, it’s good food! They think “this looks deliscious.” Someone else looks at that same chicken breast and thinks, 4 ounces of 20 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat and one gram of carbs. My body will use this for fuel.

Which do you find yourself thinking?

I taught myself to think that burgers are burgers and when I wanted food and craved a burger I could eat a burger. Food was just food. When I learned about nutrition I found a way to understand the importance that food plays in nutrition and how to use both.

Your brain craves food and your body craves fuel.  Some of us listen to our brain more than our body…let’s be honest we can convince ourselves of anything in our own brain.  It’s much easier than accepting the difficult task of listening to your body.  THAT takes time and patience and consistency to build a relationship with your bidy that is so strong that you know exactly what it takes to fuel it.  We are all so busy looking for the “quick fix” that we don’t even give ourselves time to check in with our body and see how it’s really doing.

Believe me, my hunt for what I thought was the quick fix lead me to bariatric surgery.  I had to understand the painful truth that no pill, no detox, no surgery will make up for the time and the effort and the consistency that goes into really learning my own body worked…but in a new body.  Now I help others learn this new body and how it fuels.

Food is amazing and wonderful and magical and I look at it fondly…but nutrition saved my life.  Nutrition gave me a new way to understand how my body fuels. It takes work and time and it may not always go your way but of you keep fueling and keep trying to find exactly how your body moves and fuels; you will never regret the moment that lead you to 20 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat, one gram of carbs.

Welcome to the club!