1 on 1 Skype / Phone Coaching

In our 1 on 1 sessions, we will discuss your goals, your progress and set goals for the upcoming weeks to get you to your bigger goals.  We will work together to slowly build a lifestyle that is fit for you, your family and your goals for the future.  We will build a custom plan including; meals, activity and lifestyle aspects that include sleep, rest, down time and time with friends and family.  

$100.00 per session (each session is 1 hour) 

Jump Start the FitLife

Are you wanting to jump start your progress but don’t know where to start?  On a budget and just want to be given a good plan that you know you can follow on your own? Whether you are in the beginning phase of surgery or feeling a stall a few years out, this program will be custom tailored to your lifestyle, your current abilities, your goals and your current resources.  You will receive a one month plan which will include; workouts, nutritional suggestions and lifestyle changes.  Your program will be a progressive program that will jump start you in the right direction to your goals! 


Speaking Opportunities

Bring Lyss to your support groups, information sessions and seminars to speak about the experience of Bariatric Surgery.  As a self-proclaimed “motivadian”, Lyss uses her sense of humor to share her journey from bariatric surgery to the bodybuilding stage…and all the details in between.  She will speak about bariatric lifestyle, long-term success and answer all questions from attendees.  Ask Lyss about including a beginner bariatric bootcamp to your session.

$500.00 (Fee does not include travel and accommodations).